Sipping a cappuccino in Tel Aviv, people watching.

An ancient Orthodox man in black, beard blowing in the breeze, watching a statuesque super model in green tights and micro skirt stride by, sees me watching him and gives me a sheepish grin under his hat and tucks his chin.

A tiny woman being walked by a mastiff effortlessly slips between four languages on her mobile phone.

Two teenage girls in painted on jeans argue loudly next to me and laugh, and one leans forward to say hello and asks where I am from and hearing Colorado tells me she wants to snowboard in Aspen and will I take her if she visits please.

A boy across the street reads and nods to himself and glances at the sky.

A muslim unrolls his rug and prepares to pray on the corner.

The sun slips towards the ocean.

My last day in Israel ends perfectly.