Furious sea,
Where do ocean and sky meet in the immense blackish brackish grey
Rabid froth whipping from slavering watery jaws
Mammoth waves tumble stumble roll Herculean muscles
Coiling water serpents boil rise stall
Bite and crash back into watchful anticipation
While thunder grumbles angrily in the air
A flash of bright terror slashes down
Slicing into the fleshy water
Calming an ending squall settling
Benevolent sea,
Glassy green-blue window into fantasy
Bright yellow-god sunlight waves in
Filtering slyly shyly through making warm edged shadows
Huge white widely spaced fuzzy memory images happily lazily drifting
Crossing the great piercing eye-watering blue dome
The colored mirror breaks apart
An uprush of foamy delight
Shining silver-pink dolphins reach for the roof of the world's mosque
And dive again sliding into the origins of life