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Islam and Sudan
by Dan Jahn

The role of "dhimmi" in the failure of the Sunni Islamic state of Sudan.

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The Pacem Papers
by Dan Jahn

Collected essays on the intersection of religion, politics, culture, technology, international relations.

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Pilgrim's Lack of Progress
by Dan Jahn

A collection of my journeys and what happened to me as I sought what I thought was enlightenment.

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Cautionary Tales
for Perilous Times

by Dan Jahn

Updates traditional tales with a postmodern twist, re-spins classic fables for the new millennium through captivating photography and written stories.

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Violent Longing in a Context of Finality
by Dan Jahn

The book is a work of fiction, and follows the structure of the octave, with its narrative building and changing in intensity with symbolic as well as narrative links corresponding to the original Gregorian chant interpretation of the musical perfection contained in the octave's oral expression.