The death of a child

The shooting in Connecticut is a tragedy. No doubt. And now there is an outpouring of grief, and rage, and lots of chat about we could do, should do, will do…

I feel obliged to state a few things though: in 2012, a child died of hunger every 5 seconds. While you read this post, if you read it, six children will die. 10.9 million children died of hunger this year. I will say it again: almost ELEVEN MILLION children died, for lack of food, this year.

There is very little we can do to stop a madman coming out of nowhere bent on destruction. But, there are things you can do, right now, every day, to save children’s lives.

I don’t mean to denigrate the feelings surrounding this loss, the devastation of the families in Connecticut, or the undeniable sense of protectiveness those of you with children must be having, thinking of the schools they attend. I only ask that at the same time, please, think a bit about the six families whose children died, while you read this post, and see how you can help.

Because you can.

I've seen...

I’ve seen the setting sun fall on the vast expanse of ocean between Sri Lanka and Antarctica; I’ve had a beer poured for me by a pretty Fräulein in a dirndl in the halls of Munich; I’ve feasted on swan in the old great rooms at Oxford; I’ve eaten fried spider by the banks of a jungle river in the shadows of the Andes and sipped fermented mares milk in a Mongolian yurt; I’ve picked my way through a cemetery with geishas in the rain in Kyoto and turned down the advances of a ladyboy in Bangkok; I’ve listened to the laughter of children echo in the temples of Bhutan; I’ve drunk deep red wine in the south of France and sipped light prosecco in the hills of Italy; driven madly through the streets of Nepal and wandered slowly through the pyramids and danced in the stones of Stonehenge…

But I have done none of these things with you, and that would make all the difference.

What is Information?

We invent what we think of as information.

All our minds are tiny…The infinitesimal gap between synaptic firings of sparks as our neurons attempt to decipher the boundaries of being are what we so bullishly strive to describe as intelligence, but are in fact simply that: mere sparks.

It is what lies beyond the elementary particles of what we think of as our minds that true information resides…Crystallized, Shining, and Pure.

Tap into it as you would a book, or a drink at the end of long day, or a pocket of air when drowning beneath the surface of a frozen lake. It is that upon which your mind subsists.

Feed your mind, not just your brain.

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