I was born in Sri Lanka to Peace Corps parents, and from that beginning I have lived in a number of countries and continue to travel and explore other cultures as often as possible. I am never happier than in some new place, eating food I have never had, surrounded by people whose language I don’t speak, trying to communicate with a smile and a camera while taking notes in my moleskin journal.

I studied religion, culture and politics as an undergraduate and in graduate school both in the United States and in the UK, worked at The White House and then as a visual communications consultant for ten years, and found my passion for photography one foggy morning on a mountaintop in Bhutan.

Now, I am lucky enough to be an award-winning, Denver-based photographer working locally and globally, in commercial, assignment, editorial, fashion and stock photography. I strive to consistently produce the highest quality still and motion images for advertising and commercial clients as well as fine art photography collectors. As a private pilot with access to a small plane, I am also available for shoots on location throughout the Rocky Mountain area on very short notice. Or if you just want to do some loops and barrel rolls over a lake in an antique bi-plane, I am your guy!

I have published a few short stories, essays and books, and continue to write on a wide variety of subjects.